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BUSINESS MAKEOVER – presentation in Poland


BUSINESS MAKEOVER – presentation in Poland

business-makeover-400x200 BUSINESS MAKEOVER powered by Envision was presented in Warsaw on November 17th, 2017 during the events celebrating the womens-entrepreneurship-day-300x150 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2017 in Poland.

As part of womens-entrepreneurship-day-300x150 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2017 celebration in Poland, there was hosted a Women Economic Forum, held at the Ministry of Development in Warsaw. Prof. dr Rimantas Gatuatis did great presentation about business-makeover-400x200 BUSINESS MAKEOVER platform and he talked about benefits for entrepreneurs. He also organized a stand in foyer explaining how it works.

On the occasion of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we published a new book “BUSINESS INSPIRATIONS of Polish women in the world” in Polish and English versions. The book is one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial guide written by experienced entrepreneurs who share their experiences, advice and inspirations. The books have been printed in 5,000 copies and are distributed for free.

One extra chapter “More inspirations” was added in this book and two pages (306 – 307) were dedicated to a great project of business-makeover-400x200 BUSINESS MAKEOVER powered by Envision, which is a good example of inspiring small businesses to rethink and modernize their business models. Business Model Innovation is all about inspiration and perfectly fits into the idea of our book.

Looking for immediate inspiration for your business?
Try business model innovation and gain new insights.


Meet Angele Giuliano, a pure-blooded business woman and owner of AcrossLimits. Now at the helm of her 5th business and in partnership with ENVISION, Angele is reaching out to SMEs looking for inspiration and hands-on support along their route to success.

Countless people dream of running their own business. It can be difficult, though, and stressful. It is a path filled with pitfalls and uncertainty. Even when things seem to be going well, they can suddenly go wrong. No one knows this better than Angele.

Angele’s LinkedIn page reads like the CV of an entrepreneur extraordinaire. But with four failed businesses at the start of her journey, Angele has learned all about the challenges and pitfalls along the way. Her fifth business, AcrossLimits, has now been going strong for over 16 years.

ENVISION is a project that focuses on inspiring small businesses to rethink and modernize their business models. To help others avoid the mistakes that she her-self has made, Angele has joined forces with ENVISION to create the www.businessMakeover.eu programme. BusinessMakeover is a website that hosts a number of free and easy to use tools, instructional videos, and inspirational case studies to help businesses of all types and sizes to grow and be more successful. Angele explains, “Envision is about giving your business a makeover. Business owners can look at their business model and say, “OK, this is not working. I should change this, maybe tweak that, and maybe even go in a completely different direction. In other words: revamp my business. But how?”

“Having been an entrepreneur for 20 years, I know that you sometimes get stuck. Sometimes you have a great idea and you get lost in it. You can speak to consultants and pay for courses, etc., but ultimately you have to convince yourself that it is a good idea. I have been there myself. So we have created a set of tools that entrepreneurs can use themselves. They are free and easy to use; the tools give examples, step-by-step instructions, and there are videos to help business owners. They can really inspire you.”

As an EU initiative, the programme caters for all businesses, no matter where they are from. “It is in 7 languages already, including Polish. The idea is that entrepreneurs can sit down and think over their company and business model; they can work out the little things to make their business a success. We’ve designed these tools to work for small businesses, like butcher shops, bakeries, coffee shops, ice cream parlours, and all the other small businesses that make up the European economy.” The programme works equally well for start-ups, who may have a fantastic idea for a company or service, but still need a solid business plan to attract (commercial) partners, family, and investors. Then, they’ll be able to get the support, means, and funding they need.

A business’ values are the core of a good business model. Angele explains how a good business model can influence growth: “Your business model needs to reflect your business goals. Some people’s goals are just to get rich, others’ are to improve society, and others’ still are to open a new business sector or industry. A good business model should always help you grow.”

Angele sees the programme as being more than just another tool. “It will inspire you. You will get new insights, or find ideas to re-make your business so that it is better suited to changing market conditions, or even to help you make your business stand out against the competition. Any business can benefit from BusinessMakeover.eu. We’ve customised it, addressing the practical questions that are particular to SMEs. All these questions can be found in the ‘I want to…’ section of the website, which identifies a business’ most common needs. We hope that all business owners will find that the programme ‘speaks’ to them.”


angele-giuliano Find your business inspiration: your business makeover can start today!

Looking for answers to your business needs? Have a look at what fellow entrepreneurs have wanted for their business and get the help you need to succeed. Get inspired too and create an action plan to make your business more profitable! Check it out yourself: www.businessmakeover.eu.

Angele Giuliano is an experienced entrepreneur in the EdTech and HealthTech fields. After 20 years, Angele is also now helping others as a business angel and mentor, whilst still pursuing her aims of building better technology solutions to help society. Her personal ambition is to see more women taking up (and staying in) technology as a life-long career. Angele is thus very active in several forums and initiatives, both in Europe and worldwide, that focus on gender and technology. Check out more of her projects at: www.acrosslimits.com, www.getismart.com and www.businessmakeover.eu.